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It isn’t easy breaking new ground, getting the articulation of your idea right and shaping it for maximum impact, visibility, and longevity. If you’re out to change the game, we’ll make sure your content and messaging sets you up for traction. 

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Amy Hertz. That’s me. Message impact is my sport, and amplifying yours is where I live. I’ve published lots of bestselling books and I’ve had web content go viral. I’ve helped high profile individuals create high stakes presentations and up the ante on their speaking skills. That moment when a client lights up with discovery of their authentic message is what I get up for every day. Putting your ideas into the perfect package and positioning is my favorite puzzle to solve.

Projects and clients include:

Eat Right 4 Your Type: Peter D’Adamo’s blood type diet and the beginning of an 18 book franchise
The Art of Happiness: The Dalai Lama’s first and biggest bestseller
The Female Brain: Louann Brizendine, MD’s groundbreaking book that added the term to the lexicon and became a movie starring Sofia Vergara
The Universe in a Single Atom and Ethics for the New Millennium: two other New York Times bestsellers by the Dalai Lama
Kitchen Table Wisdom and My Grandfather’s Blessings: Rachel Remen, MD’s New York Times bestsellers, The Jew In the Lotus by Rodger Kamenetz
Sometimes Brilliant: Larry Brilliant’s memoir of participating in the eradication of the one and only disease ever wiped out in human history
And more: Hundreds of books published, articles written for the biggest women’s magazines, included in Oprah Magazine’s Best of collections

Presentations produced for SXSW, Fortune 500 product pitches, messaging readjustment for mid-size corporations and a $1.3 billion foundation.

A founding editor of Riverhead Books, Huffington Post Books, Huffington Post Divorce. Strategist for BeingHuman.org, David Westin (former President, ABC News), BarnesandNoble.com, Penguin digital marketing, Vook, Kinder Institute for Social Research at Rice University, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, Episcopal Health Foundation among others.  


Thumbs-up-smiley“I worked with Amy on an effort to expand the reach of my company’s social media strategy. She handled herself with utmost professionalism: producing stellar work, coming up with creative ideas, etc. Amy’s work for us has since proven instrumental in allowing us to capitalize on our past success, thus ensuring our continued growth in this area.”

Jeff Gomez, VP Online Consumer Sales and Marketing, Penguin Group

“Amy is a superb listener and she is able, through skillful questioning, to discern quickly a thread(s) and then weave a cohesive message from those combined thoughts.  She’s creative, quick, agile and intelligent in her approach – and she has the wonderful ability to make the entire process enjoyable.”

Linnet Deily, Director, Honeywell, former President Charles Schwab, former Ambassador, WTO 

“This book would never have been written without that person, Amy Hertz, a remarkably talented woman, a celebrated publisher and editor, who had previously worked on books of people I respected immensely. She helped me with every part of this book and quickly became its principal architect, going above and beyond the call of duty and, in the process, becoming so much more than an editor or collaborator. Sometimes Brilliant is at least as often Sometimes Amy. Thank you, Amy.”

—Larry BrilliantChairman, Skoll Global Threats and author, Sometimes Brilliant

“Amy knows exactly the right questions to ask to help you articulate your vision and purpose. She helped me define mine and kept me on track in developing our digital strategy and modernizing our website.”

Lynn Goldberg, Goldberg McDuffie

“I’ve never physically seen Amy Hertz holding a crystal ball, yet I am astounded at her consistent ability to quickly understand a project, idea, concept or premise, and within a very short period of time, correctly predict the work’s viability, chance of success, and associated objectives, strategies and next steps to make the entire package successful.

Another advantage to both working with Amy, and feeling confident referring her to others, is her uncanny ability to bring unseen and possible dimensions to a project, and, making everything better simply because of her experience, insight and breadth of knowledge.”

Robbie Vorhaus, Founder/CEO Vorhaus Communications, Inc.

“Amy is a creative monster who will benefit every aspect of your business, book, or website, especially if you are ready for a complete makeover that will redefine you for the future. She is ultra-competent and a very fun person. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

Michael Taft, Wisdom Labs

“To say that Amy Hertz is a visionary is an understatement. Amy has an instinct for what’s to come and a unique eye for discovery. After years in an ever-changing industry, Amy remains one of the most innovative thinkers I know, and is really wonderful to work with to boot!”

Leslie Rossman, Open Book Publicity

“I trust Amy’s opinion on almost everything books. Her ideas are unique, sometimes revolutionary! Her fresh ideas are rooted in years of experience gained on the front lines of the publishing business.”

Denise BrodeyContent Specialist, Trulia



Our clients have a wide range of communications challenges, from making sure their outward facing web content converts visitors to customers, to needing high impact multi-media keynotes for international conferences and Fortune 500 presentations. Among our authors past and present are iconoclasts and iconic figures whose trajectories were dramatically altered by their books.

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